Top 4 Unbreakable Rules of Gambling and Betting

If you want to make a profit from gambling, you have to use a systemic approach. Random betting and playing won't cut it. Here are the most important things to keep in mind:

PROTECT YOUR GAMBLING / BETTING BUDGET. No matter what, a professional gambler or bettor must never bet more than they can afford to lose. There is no such thing as a 100% sure bet in gambling or sports. That is just the nature of things. Yes, you may miss out on some opportunities by not going all-out (or all-in if you're into Poker), but in the long run this approach will be to your advantage. Better to win too little than to lose too much, and in the long run with careful strategy, you will win big too.

QUIT WHILE YOU'RE AHEAD. Too few gamblers can do this. But you have to train yourself to place a cap on your wagers. Say, never bet more than 5% of your total budget on a single football team. Or, if you win big with a monster hand in Video Poker, bet only 15% and set aside most of it. Don't be tempted by the prospect of hitting it even bigger than you already have. Don't tempt fate. Save your supposed "luck" for another day.

USE A BETTING SYSTEM. Standard betting systems cannot guarantee a win for you, of course. However it is always better to play by a system than none at all. The reason for this is twofold: 1) If you bet with a system, you have something to moderate your gambling; 2) If you bet with a system, you can keep a record and analyze the results for later improvements. Without a system, you will be making picks and gambling randomly just like over 90% of gamblers, who are in fact, losers.

You may hear of such betting systems as the Martingale and Progressive Betting Systems. They are fine and you can try them. Some gamblers swear by them though some mathematicians have tried to debunk them. But we think that in time you will come up with your own system that may or may not resemble the standard betting systems.

STICK TO THE BETTING SYSTEM. When you do land a betting system, stick to it. That is just what you have to do because once you stop following it, you throw the whole thing off. Be patient when losses come. Making wild stakes in a bid to quickly recover your loses is the fast road to ruin. And it's what a betting system must guard against.

Be sure to practice with your betting and playing systems first before doing it for real. If it's Blackjack, for example, download a free Blackjack game or play it online using play money. Diligently keep records of your games using Notepad or any word processor. Take it seriously even if no real money is involved. Only when you feel you "own" a betting system should you use it in real life.

As a final word of advice, please do not bet or play when you are not at your best. Alcohol, personal and financial problems, as well as distracting noises and people (like in a casino) all can affect your play. Play like a professional. Never anything less.

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